//Four secrets for creating amazing business ideas 

Four secrets for creating amazing business ideas 

Ok, you want to create amazing business ideas but you don’t know how? Don’t worry, I will tell you how.

In this post, I would give you four secrets for creating amazing business ideas.

  1. You have to think like a creator. You will get business ideas, but you won’t get outstanding and amazing business ideas if you don’t think like a creator. Let me start like this; artist gets inspirations from being around the work of other artists. However, you don’t need to be an artist to be able to get inspiration from almost everything you see; you just need to think like a creator. You can start by short listing your ideas, then having some co-workers or associate to do the same during an informal business setting. Doing this, you can have participants look at each other’s ideas and check them. This would bring about the rise of new ideas.
  1. Sometimes, it is good to procrastinate. I know that getting an early jump-start on business ideas is a good thing (at least most people say it is good), but some study shows that people who take their time and wait until the last minute are more creative than people who deliver fast ahead of time. So a little procrastination is allowed. I don’t mean you have to procrastinate most things. What I am talking about is allowing yourself to get the amount of pressure and time to motivate yourself so you can come up with creative ideas.
  1. Work in an open space. I guess no one told you that working in an open space boost your creative thoughts. Well, it’s a secret; it is not surprising no one did. Look for a quiet open space where you can sit comfortably and be able to concentrate on ideas without getting interrupted. You can also go to a café to relax and think of ideas. And if possible, you can take a walk alone and utilize the time to think of ideas. Always take a voice recorder with you while you walk so you can record your ideas.
  1. Encourage criticism smartly. Everyone hates to be criticized, but it depends on how they are criticized. Criticism can help your workers or team members improve in their work. Just make sure that you are criticizing them smartly. Because you don’t want a situation where criticism could lead to the discouragement for the staffs.

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